About BETH

Bromley Education and Training Hub

BETH is an organisation which aims to support education, training and professional development across primary care in Bromley, and beyond.

Originally set up by the Bromley GP Alliance, BETH is now an independent community interest company. It is “not for profit” and any income generated is reinvested to support the aims of BETH.


The recruitment and retention issues across the NHS are well documented but with an ageing population and a shift towards community care it has never been more important to develop a primary care workforce, fit for the future.

We need to ensure we are engaging, enthusing and developing our current workforce whilst simultaneously ensuring we have a flow of new talent joining our professional teams.

History shows us that if we can train our health care professionals in the community, in Bromley, then they will stay once they qualify and they will contribute to our primary care team. If we are to retain our primary health care professionals in Bromley long term, and ensure that they are enthused and motivated, then we need to ensure that they are well supported and each has opportunities for professional development.

Finally if we are to ensure that the needs of our community are met, then we need to ensure that we can support our individuals and our teams to develop roles that align with workforce initiatives.

We are confident that BETH will provide us with a vehicle to try and achieve this. Just as the hospitals have their education centres, and their networks of educators and support staff, so BETH will become a virtual education centre for primary care.