• Practice Managers

    We know that we have a brilliant team of practice managers across Bromley. Our practice managers are the senior administrators who run a doctor’s office, group practice or medical clinic; and at some stage most people have probably benefited from their skills and dedication during their visit to one of our healthcare settings.

    Although their responsibilities depend on the size of the medical practice where they work, they are typically expected to implement the policies and procedures that keep the medical office running smoothly. They are often responsible for staffing and scheduling, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing the revenue cycle and helping to oversee the security procedures that guard the private information of the business and its patients.

Bromley Practice Manager Forum

Bromley practice managers meet on a regular basis to discuss topical events and activities that impact on the daily operations of their practices. This may include educational events, presentations by specialist experts, and imminent changes to service delivery. (This list is not exhaustive).

The forum is chaired by the reference group which comprises some of our experienced practice managers who shared the chair role and oversee the organisation and set the agenda for the group.

Bromley Practice Managers Reference Group



The agenda for the forum is agreed at the ‘Reference Group meeting’ which is held a month or so before the actual PM Forum.

Forums are held 4 times a year.

Practice Managers Forum Dates:

(invitation only venues will be within the Bromley area)

No event listings are currently available - please check back soon.